Welcome to my web site.  I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to be of help to you.

This page answers some questions about my therapy practice.  It is  important to me that you know how we will work together.  I believe our work will be most helpful to you when you have a clear understanding of what we are trying to achieve.


Because you will be putting a good deal of time, money and energy into therapy, you should choose your therapist carefully. I strongly believe you should be comfortable with the therapist you choose and hopeful about your therapy.

Within the first few sessions, we will discuss your issues and I will recommend how we should proceed. I have extensive experience and training in many styles of psychotherapy. I also continue to educate myself and will do so for the length of my career. This knowledge is used to help you make the changes you wish to make. However, psychotherapy is not like visiting a medical doctor. It requires you to be actively involved in changing your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Change will sometimes be easy and quick, sometimes it will be slow and frustrating. My commitment to your treatment is tenacious , skilled and empathetic. The therapy office is a safe environment in which you will not be judged. I will always enter into our therapy with optimism and hope about our progress together.

As an ethical and responsible therapist, I will not treat you if I do not believe I can help you. However, I will offer you some names of therapists that may be able to help.

The majority of my clients refer friends and family to me (to which I am very grateful). It is the standard of ethics that defines our relationship as confidential. Your time with me is private and I cannot divulge information without your written permission. This includes family, friends, and other doctors as well as Insurance companies. I will not release information in a court of law without your specific request.

If we meet outside my office, I may not talk to you very much; my behavior will not be a personal reaction to you, but a way to maintain the confidentiality of our relationship. I cannot accept invitations to family gatherings such as parties or weddings.

In our first session, we will discuss our appointment schedule. It is usual to meet once or twice a week for a 55 minute session. Our sessions begin at the top of the hour. If you are late for your appointment, I will still have to end on time. I consider our time together very important and ask you to do the same. I request a 24 hour notice for cancellation. Late cancellations will be charged. Please pay for each session at its end, I suggest you make out your check before each session, so that our time will be used best. If there is any problem with my charges, insurance or any other money related point, please bring it to my attention. I will do the same with you. Such problems can interfere greatly with our work. They must be worked out openly and quickly. I will provide you with a standard Health Insurance Claim form. Please make copies of this form before filling it out. It is your responsibility to contact your own Insurance Company to confirm coverage. I will explain this process to you if you wish. I no longer accept insurance however you will be able to be reimbursed for my services. (Please confirm with your Insurance Company). I will provide information to your insurance company only with your written and informed consent. I may send this information by mail or FAX. I am not responsible for the actions or decisions of your Insurance Company.

I am not always available to respond immediately to phone calls. However, I will always return your call in a timely manner. My office hours are: Monday-Thursday. I have access to my answering service on all other days. Please note that some weekends I may be at a conference, or training, or traveling to provide therapy to out of state clients. If you have an urgent need, you may call 211 in Palm Beach County and for an emergency, please dial 911.

I again thank you and Welcome you to my practice. I look forward to providing you with an authentic empathetic and helpful relationship.

Boca Plaza V- 398 Camino Gardens Blvd - Suite 202 - Boca Raton, FL. 33432

                                   Telephone 561-347-6772